What is Brazilian Keratin?

13 Aug

What is Brazilian Keratin?
By Maria McGill

There are all kinds of positive and negative publicity about keratin treatments but the truth is that Brazilian Keratin is an excellent product for all kinds of hair – especially if you live somewhere that has high levels of humidity. Our salon uses one created by Marcia Teixtier in South Florida and is completely manufactured here in the United States. It does meet FDA and OSHA requirements. It is completely safe to use as long as it is used correctly according to the manufacturers directions.

This product is NOT a relaxer or chemical. It is a blend of  Brazilian botanicals and wool keratin. This product is applied to the cuticle (or outer layer) of the hair shaft. It is not permanent and will wash away over the course of 3 to 4 months, however in my experience the more times you repeat the process the longer it last between services.

The product works by using a very stringent application process that can only be done in a salon. By using an extremely high heat (425 degrees) to attach the product to the hair strand. The product then crystallizes around the hair shaft creating a barrier. This barrier protects hair from humidity, which in turn prevents frizz. It gives strength to the hair strand itself. It helps to keep hair from knotting. It also gives a beautiful shine and smoothness to the hair. They have recently come out with a new formula that will not remove curl completely just tame the frizz in case you love your curls.

The process starts with a special shampooing followed by drying the hair completely. Then applying the product followed by drying the hair again. Then the crystallizing process happens. After that you get some do’s and don’t’s and you get to leave.

Because of the requirements to even obtain the product and the quality of ingredients that go into this product it is not cheap. This service cost $100.00 and hour. Most of my services take between 2 and 3 hours.  I can guarantee you that once you try this service you will never go back. You will notice immediately when you no longer have keratin on your hair. It makes caring for your hair so much easier because it takes less time to dry, style and needs less products. This service makes for a great hair day everyday.

What is the difference between this product and an at home product you ask. First and foremost this product needs high heat to crystallize. Most flat irons on the market for the public only get up to 300 degrees. Ask yourself this if my flat iron gets up to 300 degrees and seals the product to my hair and then I want to flat iron my hair won’t I be heating it up to much. Yes! Which in turn will alter the crystallization of the product on the hair.  Then there is the problem with flat ironing your own hair in thin enough sections to cause the crystallization around each individual hair strand. Even as a professional who uses this product I still need another stylist to put it in my hair. One more thing look at the ingredients on an at home keratin treatment can you read them? Are they natural? Most include things you don’t want in your hair like fillers which can dry out your hair. Then there is the amount of product needed to do the service – what takes me only about 1oz to 4oz will take a half to entire bottle to do at home about 8 oz.

As a consumer if you want to make sure that you are getting the Original Brazilian Keratin and not some cheap knock off. Here is how you can tell. 1. A licensed Stylist is legally required to have their Cosmetology License laminated with a current picture of themselves on their station 2. A stylist who is certified to do this service will have a beautiful certificate hanging up some where near their station.  3. If you want to make sure your salon is using this product just go onto the Marcia Teixter website and verify it, They have a salon locator.

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