Waterless Pedicures: What are they and do I want one?

27 Aug

Waterless Pedicures are fairly new on the market. They started to solve two important problems. 1. To be used in places out west of the United States where water is scarce and has usage restrictions. 2. To be more sanitary since water transfers bacteria, causing horrible infections. For more Infections Information.

In the beginning to get a waterless pedicure you would have to upgrade to a luxury service that included the use of Paraffin Wax.  Although this method is truly luxury, it is also pricey (ranging from $40 to $60 dollars per service) and time consuming. There is a new comer to this seen; a product by Natural Kosmetics

The idea is to be completely sanitary by only using one supply pouch per client and nothing else except your favorite polishing products. Each pouch contains ether two plastic gloves or socks as well as a disposable file and disposable cuticle pusher. By not reusing any component on anyone else and not adding water to the mix it meets all legal safety requirements in the State of Florida As well as cuts down on clean up time since you throw everything away after each service. It keeps the supply cost down as well since it includes this wonderful concoction of Amazon Botanicals that moisturize, sanitize and heal the skin. It’s self containing envelopes make it possible to do a waterless pedicure for only $20 dollars and cuts down on the need for supply storage space. It is also an excellent product to use on clients with circulation issues and diabetes since you don’t need to use nippers, clippers or do a massage (however there is enough product to do a massage). Unlike the original waterless pedicure it makes for a quick nail clean up service to go.

My clients love the feel of this product! It has aided in keeping polish to look beautiful for up to a month. It improves the moisture of the skin and cuticles. It helps nails to grow stronger. It is also a great packet to sell to my clients as an easy way to care for their hands/feet in between services.

It is however very difficult to take care of poorly cared for nails with out the use of professional tools and techniques.

This product is made with renewable resources from the Amazon Rain Forest, which in turn means every time you use this product you are giving money to keep the Amazon Rain Forest. It is also completely manufactured here in the USA. It is FDA approved and within OSHA regulations.

Over all I think this is the best Waterless Pedicure available on the market today, which is why we use it in our salon!

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